IT – Intelligent Transport

The flow of information is crucial in our business. If the correct information is not available when it needs to be, this might cause costly delays.

At ITS we strongly believe in the use of IT-tools when it comes to our operational business. Therefore we have developed a number of tools to speed up the information exchange between ourselves, our suppliers/partners and our clients.

Our philosophy is that information should travel between all parties in the supply chain, with as little manual input as possible. This ensures both correct information from start to end, as well as keeping administrative costs to an minimum.

Why IT-Tools?

The whole supply chain is dependent on the right information at the right time, to meet our clients requirements and deadlines
The information should always be available to all parties in the whole supply chain 24/7, in order for the next party to be able to act
Information needs to flow through the entire supply chain with minimal manual input. Therefore we believe that the future of logistics is spelled integration!



Easy track and trace for all modes of transport in one place: Sea – Air – Road
Find on-going shipments and check current status, or create new bookings on-line. The same database as we are working on = when we have the information, you have it



Tired of waiting for the transport price? Use our tool to easily generate the freight charge directly online. In those cases a price is not available, a mail will be automatically sent to our Sales Representative, which will get back to you shortly



A powerful tool to manage your orders, before they have become confirmed shipments
We can import orders from most business systems: Navision, Jeeves, SAP, Visma, SPCS, etc. Your supplier can get their own login to be able to update order status continuously



Helps you keep track of the financials. View all transactions – invoices, credit notes, payments etc. Re-print invoices, credit notes and statement of accounts. Monitor all invoices that are about to be due



Good decisions require good data. Customized reports in Excel or PDF, based on: port of departure, port of arrival, sender, receiver, mode of transport, orders, article etc. Run your own reports directly from our system (easy setup with drag and drop) or receive scheduled reports delivered directly to your email at a certain time of day any day/days


We believe that integration is the next big thing in Logistics. We have developed an advanced tool to integrate both our clients and our suppliers.
With this tool orders and bookings can be sent directly from your system to ours. In return we can send you order/shipment status directly to your system. We are currently building standardization based on the most common business systems

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'Information exchange is our advantage'

-Pierre Camermo, IT Manager ITS
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