Air Freight with a high level of personal service

Ever since we received our IATA certification in 1999, we have provided our clients with custom made Air Freight solutions, where focus lies on service.

Finding the best way to meet our clients transport needs is our mission. Whether you prioritize a speedy express or a cost efficient transport, we can provide you with the options.

We can arrange Air Freight to & from all Swedish Airports to & from almost anywhere in the World, with the carrier of your choice.

Why Choose Us – Air Freight

We take pride in the level of service we give to our clients. Every client is being dedicated their own Forwarder which they can contact whenever they have a question about a ongoing shipment or to request a quote
We always provide our clients with a number of transport options to choose from. Then our clients can compare transit time versus transport cost
Ever since we became an IATA Certified Agent and was approved by the Civil Aviation, we have developed a deep knowledge in the area of Air Freight Transport. A knowledge we use to find the best possible solution to our clients needs.

Standard / Express

When transporting cargo with Air Freight, usually there is a tight deadline involved. But for some shipments, that deadline is not that urgent. Therefore we can provide our clients with 2 options: Standard (which focus on keeping the costs low) & Express (where time and service is of the essence)

Door to Door

With our extensive agent network worldwide, we can also provide you with an door to door service, including customs clearance, terminal handling and door delivery

Sea & Air Combination

A combined solution where the cargo will travel the first transport leg as Sea Freight, and then changing to Air Freight. This allows for a more cost efficient setup, but still a faster alternative then only Sea Freight

Full Charter

For larger shipments we can also arrange charter of an whole airplane. Over the years our Air department has been involved in several projects with some of Sweden’s major exporting companies, so our experience in this matter is extensive

Dangerous Cargo

Transporting Dangerous Cargo demands a higher level of security and control. Our personnel has gone trough extensive training in handling DGR-Cargo, and may assist our clients with information on how to arrange the packing, documents and handling

Refrigerated Cargo

Air refrigerated shipments are transported using one of two temperature control based technologies. The first being an active dry ice temperature control system and the second a compressor cooling and electrical heating system

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'Quick and reliable, with a high level of personal service'

-Mikael Lindström, Air Freight Traffic Manager ITS
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