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Efficient customs handling and quick response

We have experienced and well educated staff that handles all kinds of customs declarations import, export and in transit as well as assisting our customers with classifications, applications of temporary import/export and other customs permits.

We work in one of the best IT-systems on the market and are linked to the customs computer system via EDI and we are automatically updated with the latest information from the Swedish customs.

As a holder of an AEO certificate for “Security and Safety” against the Swedish Customs Authority, we can provide a more secure and efficient flow of goods with fewer delayed shipments, which will save our customers both time and costly delays.

With an AEO certification, ITS also runs a lower risk of being subject to physical and document-based checks by the Customs Office.

On top of these advantages, the Swedish Customs Authority offer us simplifications that provide for a smoother and more efficient handling of your customs matters.

Why Choose Us – Customs Clearance

Our operational staff is all well-educated in the customs regulations, and can help you in finding the best solution for your transport
With an AEO certification we can provide a quicker and more reliable service to our clients
Fully integrated with the Swedish Customs Authority. All declarations is made electronically, which speeds up the processes

Transit Procedure

The transit procedure enables you to transport goods through one or more countries without having to pay duty and tax

Temporary Importation

‘Temporary importation´ refers to the importation of goods to the EU for a limited time for later re-export in an unaltered state. When using temporary importation, you can get relief from customs duties and VAT when importing


ATA-carnet is a International Customs Declaration, used for temporary import of: samples, professional equipment or exhibition goods


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'Customs Clearance made easy'

-Malin Bodin, Customs Manager ITS
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